Forthright Security – Cyber Protection For Business 

Our mission is three-fold:

1.  Protect Business – We provide simple, actionable steps and trusted advice. The threats today are complex and constantly changing.  There’s constantly something new to deal with. Forthright Security helps by taking the burden of Cyber security off the shoulders of business and allowing them to focus on what they went into business for in the first place.

2.  Protect People – We educate your workforce.  Protecting people helps protect the business.  Our primary mission to protect people translates to educating them on what is good and bad with respect to technology and operations.  We believe that teaching people is at the absolute core of transforming a company’s risk posture.  Forthright’s training program delivers common sense knowledge to protect people both personally and professionally.

3.  Protect Data – We show you how to protect what is most important to your business, and monitor access.  What would you do different today if you had concrete proof that an attacker was in your network stealing your data right now?  Forthright Security operates in that mindset to protect what is most valuable – Your Data.  Encryption, secure off-site backups, honeypot marked files, network/server/workstation/device monitoring, integrity checking – These are a few of the technical protections we put in place to keep your data secure.  As a customer, we serve as a trusted agent to help you evaluate and then recommend what makes sense to protect your business.  We also suggest policies and organizational changes to protect the business.

Our goal is to strengthen our communities by keeping our businesses strong.  In the process, we provide high quality jobs for our local area residents; and deliver valuable products & services to our customers.  We believe that relationships are key, and we begin relationships with the long term goal in mind; Win-Win for all involved.

Liability for a company’s assets is a CEO problem, not an I.T. problem.

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