Forthright Security was founded on January 1st, 2016 by Jamie Bass, with a mission to provide Cyber Protection for Business.  The mission is three fold:  Protect Business, Protect People, and Protect Data.

We believe that Information Security is so important to the future of our country, we’ve started a company to help business protect themselves from the constantly changing threat environment.  We know it’s hard to understand all the threats out there, so we also offer a TON of free training and ACTIONABLE security information on this website (See the TRAINING section).  We believe in business, and we believe that if we’re going to leave the world a better place for our children, we’ve got to band together and help boost business in our region.  We do our part by making sure that businesses don’t lose their edge from malicious entities that would seek to do us harm.

How can we do what we do?

Our CEO (Jamie Bass) has worked Cyber Security for the U.S. Navy for the last 15 years, and truly understands the threats that are out there.  He’s worked information security programs for shipboard systems, USMC deployable assets, Navy Enterprise Data Center systems, and has worked incident response, forensics, and investigations for a 5000 user Naval Surface Warfare Center.  He’s seen Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and understands how adversaries move through the network and exfiltrate data.  He stays current in the industry and regularly attends security/hacker conventions.  He is well versed in operations, policy, and has a wealth of understanding a mile wide across many different disciplines.

Mr. Bass has recruited other highly skilled individuals like himself and has expanded Forthright Security operations to both Terre Haute and Bloomington Indiana.  The Security Operations Center is run out of Evansville, and the remote branches feed alarms up the chain.  Forthright uses a customer relationship management system (CRM) to keep track of customer interactions, and this system helps us deliver a consistent and high quality experience to all of our customers.  It reminds of us routine things to do, and it keeps a history of events so we can search for patterns to help our customers save time and money by proactively meeting the need.  Forthright Security is quickly developing into a scalable enterprise Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) franchise, and we’ve got the business systems and training systems developed to make it happen.

Security is not just a box on the network that keeps you safe from bad guys…..   GOOD SECURITY is attention to People, Technology, and Operations.  It’s Protect, Detect, and Respond.  It’s a team who knows how to get the job done and protect the mission.  It’s a partnership, and a promise from Forthright Security!




About our Leadership:


Jamie Bass, CEO

Jamie Bass is a cyber security specialist, but also has an extensive background in robotics, automation, plastics, electronics, mechanics, and systems engineering.  He holds five patents, has one pending, and is 1 of 973 certified Information Security Systems Engineering Professionals (CISSP-ISSEP) worldwide.

Twitter:     https://twitter.com/#!/GRAVICOM_CEO

LinkedIn:    https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiebass2/

Mr. Bass is also the CEO of GRAVICOM LLC, a government contracting company specializing in Cyber Security.

Mr. Bass founded Forthright Security on the principles of Kingdom Business.  What does that mean?

  • “We run Forthright Security like a ‘non-profit’, but are categorized as a normal ‘for-profit’ business.  Why would we do that you ask?  Simple….  We want the freedom of giving where God directs us without the hindrance or restrictions that come from operating as a non-profit.”
  • How does our company work?  “Our employees are paid a competitive salary in the industry and have great benefits. We do our very best to take exceptional care of our employees and their families.  Next, we pay the bills, and we manage company finances with frugality and responsible stewardship.  Everything after that is profit, and we put that into Christian missions and business start ups.  We’ve personally had a hand in starting over 25 businesses, and we’ve sent missionaries all over the world.  We’re currently partnering with the Moya Foundation, who is building a school for autistic children in Nigeria.”
  • “When profit is not your motive, That’s when you truly can make a difference in the world!”