Jamie Bass, CEO of Forthright Security & GRAVICOM LLC

Jamie Bass is a cyber security specialist, but also has an extensive background in robotics, automation, plastics, electronics, mechanics, and systems engineering.  He holds five patents, has one pending, and is 1 of 973 certified Information Security Systems Engineering Professionals (CISSP-ISSEP) worldwide.

Twitter:     https://twitter.com/#!/GRAVICOM_CEO

LinkedIn:    https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiebass2/


Jamie Bass started Forthright Security with one great desire in mind – To help people.  He also has a passion for business, and realized that most businesses out there were struggling to keep up with the barrage of technology and cyber threats out there….  So he combined these two passions and formed Forthright Security, with the intent to protect businesses by educating (protecting) people, protecting data, and enabling business to succeed.

Mr. Bass believes in doing the right thing, not the most profitable thing.  In fact, Mr. Bass’s Kingdom Business philosophy reinforces that belief.  A Kingdom based business operates as a for-profit, non-profit…. That is, each employee (including the CEO) earns a modest (but good) salary with good benefits (comparable within the industry), and all the profits go into missions and charitable causes.  We operate as a for-profit business so that there are no restrictions on where or how much we can donate.  Some of these funds are used to help other businesses get started, some of these funds are used for missions (like helping to build a school for autistic children in Nigeria), and some is used to send missionaries all over the earth (like to India, Nepal, Israel, and the nations).  “The bible says men make their plans, and the Lord guides their steps – We believe the Bible and are counting on the Lord’s guidance in all things.  The take away here is that our company isn’t motivated by profit, it is motivated by a culture of honor where everyone benefits.  If it’s not a good deal for everyone, then it’s not a good deal for anyone.”


Mr. Jamie Bass is the CEO of both GRAVICOM LLC and Forthright Security.  He has over 15 years of experience in Cyber operations with major programs in the the United States Navy and Marine Corps.  Work has been performed in a senior information assurance role for NAVSEA 04L, NAVSEA 05, SPAWAR PMW-240, USMC LOGCOM, USMC PG31, and the EMSS Program Office.  He has received (26) Authority To Operate (ATO), (28) Interim Authority To Operate (IATO), and (8) Interim Authority To Test (IATT) approvals from the Navy and USMC over his career. In his leadership role at GRAVICOM, he manages a team of Senior Information Assurance experts working on various Navy Enterprise programs like DITPR-DON / DADMS, The Naval Justice Information System (NJIS), RMI, DON-TRACKER, Navy eLearning (NKO), TFMMS, and the shipboard Navy Information Application Product Suite (NIAPS).


  • Forthright Security employs 1 of the 973 CISSP-ISSEPs worldwide (Certified Information Systems Security Professional – Information Systems Security Engineering Professional)  ***This means that we are CERTIFIED to do information security systems engineering (ISSE), which equates to designing and developing systems to protect your data & your organization.
  • Currently hold (5) patents
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals,
  • A+ Certified Professionals,
  • Network + Certified Professionals,
  • Army Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO),
  • DOD Industry Facility Security Officer (FSO)
  • Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) Certified Risk Analysts
    • CNSS 4012, CNSS 4015, and CNSS 4016 certificates
  • Working on Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Ethical Forensics Investigator (CEFI) certifications