Philosophy of Operations

Forthright Security believes in investing in our employees, because they are our most valuable resource.  Our company philosophy is to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times and in every situation.  We understand the value of relationships, and realize that long term investment in people is worth far more than any profit.  As Mark 8:36 states:  For what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?  We follow Matthew 7:12 – So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.  Forthright Security operates on these principles.

  • Our goal is to keep employees with the company by offering periodic incentives like training (certifications), variety (job rotation opportunities), and regular pay raises.
  • Our secondary goal is to make the environment a good place to work in.  Manage the employee’s stress points and try to assure that all is well in an employee’s professional and personal life.  We don’t just hire an employee, we hire their family too.  We do our best to accommodate family needs.
  • Teamwork and variety are critical pieces to assuring that people are happy in their work.  Employee rotation and mentorship are great tools to keep people engaged, and also assure excellent cross-training and skills transfer.
  • Freedom to Tele-Work when possible.  Company laptops, VPNs, and remote collaboration tools make teleworking secure.  Sick kids, medical issues, and inclement weather can sometimes impact our lives in unexpected ways, so we try to be flexible when we can to accommodate needs as they arise.
  • Bottom Line – By making Forthright Security a great place to work, we know that our employees are going to make Forthright Security a great partner for our customers to deal with.  We operate on a culture of honor, which means that everyone practices servant leadership – in order to be great, you must serve.



The concept behind the mentorship program is:  Always be paired with somebody who is smarter than you, and always be paired with someone who needs to learn from you.  Forthright Security requires employees to participate in our mentorship program because it assures employee success and provides customers with additional expertise.

Here are some valuable lessons we have learned from our mentorship program:

  • Always train your replacement, that way your always ready for promotion.  Your customers always have a backup as well.
  • Transparency is key, and if you always tell the truth, you never have to worry about what you said.
  • Don’t be afraid to share ideas.  Ideas are easy, execution of the idea is the hard part.
  • With mentorship, two heads are better than one and more people heading toward a common goal multiply the chance of success.
  • Another set of eyes gives a fresh perspective, and sometimes questions answer themselves.
  • Questions are good, they make people think!
  • A good partner helps catch mistakes before they turn into problems.
  • Cross training is key, because it provides for surge capacity and prevents collusion.
  • Cross training & job rotation also eliminates workplace boredom and assures processes and procedures stay up to date and relevant.