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How does CERN fight hackers?

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CERN has some bold things to say about their security, which translates to EVERY organization that we’ve ever worked with.


So How does CERN cope with this problem?

  • CERN has trained 120 scientists and engineers to conduct penetration testing.  They actively test (like white-hat hackers) to discover vulnerabilities on the network.   Knowledge of the issues in the enviornment allow engineeris to know and address the risk.
  • CERN makes each person individually responsible for maintaining the security of their technology.  If they can’t do it, then they must delegate the task.  They hold individuals accountable.
  • Protect, Detect, and Respond.  The environment must always be watched and continually tended to maintain the integrity of the entire infrastructure.
  • There’s no magic bullet to solve the problem – It takes continuous, active effort.


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