Forthright Security endorses a few products that are often required when we do a managed security services (MSS) offering.  Specifically, perimeter security and network infrastructure are two of the most important layers to protect you from external threats on the Internet. The products below are recommended to increase your security posture. Forthright Security will offer professional installation services for these devices through a trusted 3rd party local IT vendor.  If you have these devices already, Forthright Security can also secure configuration templates as well.

  • Firewall: Fortinet, Cisco
  • Managed switches with SPAN ports: Cisco, HP, Netgear, etc. (Assure lifetime support!)
  • Network Proxy: Bluecoat or Zscaler
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: ECA certs, Yubikey, Nok Nok (, Duo (
  • Industrial Control:  Tempered Networks HIPswitches


Here’s a great listing of lockdown guides to help you secure the equipment you already have: